Thursday, 10 April 2014

Just Kidding Panui

 Today in panui we were learning how to sumarize the story just kidding.And we recorded on audio boo. What i like about my just kidding is i didn't write so much and its not to long. And next time i think i can work on listening to it before i embed it.


  1. Hi Noah, remember that a title has all capitals at the start of the word, and you missed the K in Kidding. Oh and i is capital to.

    1. Denver, I really like that you are commenting on so many blogs. Make sure that you try and make you comments, kind, thoughtful and helpful! Great ideas to help Noah improve his post!

  2. Hey Noah I think next time say that you had to record it on audio boo and change idding to kidding.

  3. Great work Noah! Well done adding all the correct information in your writing. You remembered to say what we were doing, what you did well and what you could do better next time! I also like that you read the other comments and fixed up what they said. Great start to blogging Noah!

  4. Hi Noah, Awesome to finally see your blog up, CONGRATULATIONS. We look forward to seeing more!!! (Mum)